Tuesday, March 1, 2011


My first two classes where with the little tots.  I teach gymnastics during the week, that takes so much time of my life, but this job is very rewarding!  Seeing each child achieving their little goals step by step, that what makes your life complete and happier:)
The FUN thing that happened today was just out of this world, literally...

So one of my little girls, Karma, kept talking to herself and continually watching over her shoulder.  That caught my attention, so I have decided to get even closer to her and see what was going on.  When I got closer, her voice got louder and I realized she was talking to......???

So i asked Karma:  Sweety, who are you talking to?
Karma:  My friend, Jason! (She said this with such exclamation and confidence..)
Me:  Jason? (at that very second, I felt the creepy goosebumps rising on my body)
Karma:  Yes Jason, he is here!
This is when I thought I was being punk'd by a tot.  But what if I WAS NOT!  Then I remembered that movie, when this little girl had an imaginary friend....And I decided to play along with Karma..
Me:  So, Karma, is he your imaginary friend?
Karma:  YES, he is my magical friend!  (she smiled in excitement)
Me:  Is he always with you?  Is he good to you?  (haha for some reason, I had to ask that last question:))
Karma:  Yes, and he is upset, because he can not sit next to me!
I quickly told her, to tell him that it is OK to sit and stay next to her through out the whole practice...!  My game worked, her and him where happy for the rest of the class.  Just one more thing, that was still creeping me out, SHE KEPT HOLDING HIS HAND..............

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