Wednesday, February 2, 2011

ART: self portrait

I have never taken any drawing lessons, I think I have this natural talent.  My grandpa, mom, moms sister, and my sister have the talent:)  This is my first ever self portrait, I used the picture from way back!!  So I drew myself:)  

When I was 8..



WHICH ONE YOU LIKE BETTER??  Your feedback means a lot to me, because I am still learning how to draw!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

SML: The Still. 1985.

Just about the sunset.  Without the sun that is.  The wind is at zero, and no movement noticeable, which gives me a feeling of "the Earth stands still".  Old snow covered the land; just a bunch of animal made footprints peek through.  Grey roads, that take away the "winter wonderland" effect.  Damn.  Some memories just knocked on my brain, so I guess it is time to share some of the best moments of my life with you.

It was back in the Winter of 1985.  December 20th.  The day I was born, notice, not the year.  I clearly remember it being a very cold, but brightly sunny day.  The temperatures, definitely, were in the minuses, otherwise I would not remember my boogers turning into an ice inside my nostrils.  As long as I could remember,  breathing in the coldest air was new to me.  Every step would make a crispy sound.  My dad was patiently tagging me behind him, holding the rope tightly in his mitten covered hand, while I was comfortably sitting in the sleds..  I was very inpatient, because we were going to pick a birthday present for me!!!

We have crossed a few  hills.  My strong dad was easily dragging me up the hill, and as we went down, I could feel the love in the air, because I knew, that I was not the only one to enjoy the slide down.  We were slicing the blowing cold air with our happy faces.  And there it was, the last obstacle, before we reached our only store in town.  We had to cross the frozen lake.  At first, I was scared, but as we hit the trail, foot-made by people, it was magical.  We were in the middle of the lake, and on top of it.  How cool is that?

Finally, we reached the store.  And off I ran!  Almost slipped on the melting snow inside of the store, that people brought with their boots from the outside.  But it was not going to stop me from running around the store, like a crazy bee circling its hive, only I was circling the stands with the Soviet made toys.  And there IT was!!  BLUE KITTEN!  With a big beautiful eyes.  Those eyes caught my eyes instantly, and we both stared at each other.  There was no question, I WANTED IT!

On the way back, my present, my kitty, was happily "running" alongside of my slides.  Since then, my Kuzya, has always been alongside of my life!

Yours Truly,