Friday, January 28, 2011

DIY: Lady Gaga Mask

Hello World!

Today I would like to share one of my DIY projects that I did for Halloween!:)  Somewhere in my closet I had a cool Blonde Hair wig...  So, I decided to use it.  The question rose: Who am I going to try to look like with that wig?  Of Course GAGA, haha.  And then, song after song, po-po-po-poker face got stuck in my face and piece after piece, po-po-po-poker face mask emerged!

These are the steps that show how I made my Lady Gaga "Poker Face Mask"

I used the old disco ball from the addict for my main "ingredient"

First I disassembled it!  The mirror pieces are sharp, so be very careful taking them off.  If you don't know how to disassemble the disco ball safely yourself, then, simply ask somebody else to do it for you.  I asked my strong man!:) Next pictures shows what I got..

I found an old mask that I have not used in ages, and took off the red velvety fabric coating it had previously on.  Now I have a white "naked" mask..

The glue was in my drawer..

I applied the glue to the mask, and stuck the mirror pieces from the disassembled disco ball to it.  I used the simple straight pateern.

It only took me 40 minutes to finish the mask!

Oh, I also added some feathers to one side of my Lady Gaga "Poker Face" mask and I think it looks fairly cute!

To make my mask cool, I also added a plastic flower to my short lace glove, and a few feathers and mirror pieces to my long lace glove!



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